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Your Personal Astrosignature Chart

Let use my Own Birth data  as an example to See my Progression of my Past, present and future.  The Calculation is base on my yearly Solar return chart The Advantage of this chart reading is You can validate the Accuracy of the forecast by analysing the previous year.  very often Year that are strong in "Athletic Performance" are also strong in "Business Success" , or "Drive, ambition , work", or " Good Luck, Optimism" . All 4 of these categories have something in common:.. Here are my Personal Astrosignature chart for Business Success 2021 to 2025 You can see the time line of Astrological below the line of the graph NOTE this chart is Using my Own Birth data Business Success for Example ( see red line graph ) : On Year when this category is Highlihgted you are likely to feel confident, you have good common sense, and opportunities just seem to come to you more easily.  If "Athletic Performance" (see green line graph) is also high, yo

Let's reflect the meaning of DREAM about fell down in the stairs

HINT:  it's announced that your luck will go backwards, but don't be afraid because it's just part of an adventure  CASE STUDY: Dear Yod H V H, I fell down in the stairs, then hit me and took me to the flat, then I recovered. Does this dream mean anything bad? Waiting, Maricel With you Maricel, Suddenly, it's bad to fall down the stairs and fall off, but in people's lives, especially those who have already succeeded and are currently succeeding, they no longer appreciate the fact that they have fallen and been scarred.

Let's Reflect the DREAM (reflection of life ) about HAIR LOST

HINT:  it warns that in the next few days, “your sexual energy will weaken and so will it. disease warning   CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Kim's dream about lice medicine and her son's hair loss.   Dear Yod HVH,   I dreamed that I was putting lice medicine on my son's head. I put the wrong medicine on my son's head and because I put the wrong medicine, his hair fell out because the shampoo I put for lice was for adults. What does this dream mean? Is it about me or my child? Is this dream bad for me or my daughter?

Let's reflect the DREAM (reflection of life ) About Cooking with Mom

HINT:  Sometimes, the Mother is also called ESP or extra sensory perception that sometimes works with someone CASE STUDY:  Dear Yod HVH, I went to the market but didn't buy anything. When I got home, mama asked me to come back and she said, I bought a dish. I went back to the market, then bought chicken and liver to make it adobo. When I got home, my mama was excited because she wanted a chicken that she wanted to dish. He was the one who cooked because I didn't know how much to cook delicious adobong chicken. What was the message of my dream? Waiting, Leilanie With you Leilanie, In your dream, you might say that "Mother knows best," because the best dish for her is  chicken adobo you've bought.

Can dreams related to wish fulfillment come true in real life?

 Now let's look at Jessa's dream about "someone proposed to her in a dream" even though she doesn't have a boyfriend right now and she can be said to have failed in love. Dear Yod HVH, Hello. I dreamed that there was a "man who proposed to me" but I don't have a boyfriend right now. At the moment I am frustrated with love. What does this dream mean? ANSWER: Most of our dreams are the result of our dreams, aspirations, desires and wants in life that are not fulfilled in reality, so it is "true and really happens in our dreams" while we sleep.

Let's reflect the DREAM ( reflection of life ) about Digging in the House

HINT:   you will dig and discover treasure in your life CASE STUDY:   Dear YodHVH I was digging in my house. He said an old man who suddenly entered our house had a treasure. I dig in the very place he taught. I dig deep and there was a hard thing that hit my dig, I woke up. What would that be? Waiting, Misha-meat To you  Misha-meat, Everyone, of course, you and I have a deep sense of awareness. So, the word awareness, the deeper the meaning, so you might not have understood.

Let's Reflect the DREAM (reflection of life ) about climbing a high STAIRCASE

HINT: t he strange thing about This dream , is that there is a staircase and the setting or meeting place is upstairs instead of underground CASE STUDY: Now let's look at Love's dream about climbing a high staircase and at the top of it there is a door and she falls inside the door with strange creatures. Dear Yod HVH, Good evening! Just call me Love. I dreamed that there was a long staircase and at the top of it there was a woman trying to open a door to enter. So what I did was I went up and helped him push the door. But when I touched the door it suddenly opened and I fell inside. When I fell, I saw inside the white clouds kissing the beautiful flowers and there were waterfalls. Then those people are all white and they are happy. But I didn't show what they looked like. All I could see and hear was laughter, laughter and voices in white robes. I sat in the chair and a man approached me, he said I couldn't be there yet. So they kicked me out. What is the meaning of t

Let's Reflect The Dream about always dreaming Coin and Being Lost

HINT:  When dreaming of money, the basic rule, which must be remembered is more fortunate to dream is money coins, than paper money. CASE STUDY:  Now let's look at the dream of Mrs. Tabudlong about picking up coins, getting lost and a place that looks like a squatter. Dear Yod HVH, Since I was a child I always dreamed about picking up money coins, sometimes they are underground but the coins are just shallow, there are a lot of coins. Then once I reach the end of the bamboo and there are also a lot of coins and bills of 20 and 100. What does this mean? I have another dream, I always dream of that crowded place, like a squatter, and that road I always get lost, everywhere. But when I had the fourth dream, I also knew the right path, and I reached the flat. It's a bit uphill because that's the way it is. What do these dreams mean?