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DREAM CASE STUDY : Hint that the dream will come true

Let's reflect on Robert's dream about charitable scenery Dear Yod H V H , I drove a jeep to Sta. Mesa, then an old lady boarded me. He talked to me and I thought he was a beggar, so I gave me a P20, then he put me back with the money and he said, "God bless you." When I went down, I was gone. To this day, I'm still thinking about my dream, what does this mean? Waiting, Robert To you, Robert, Lord Jesus said before He ascended into heaven, "When you drink the thirst, you drink me. When you feed the hungry, I'm your fed." So the charity to the poor is a obedience to this strange commandment of the Lord in which when man obeys, he will be blessed that the old woman has told you. This happens when a dreamer has activities that require a blessing, so if you have a dream, that is, it will come true. If you have a business in charge, that is, you and your business will be blessed.  So like your dream, don't treat the less fortunate, it looks like life i

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