Always crying in DREAM, In real life you are so Brave

HINT: when  dreams of crying, in real life she really has to cry because she's so brave, but she knows she's weak too.


Dear Yod HVH,

I'm amazed at my dream, so I hope you can give my mind a clear mind. 

Lately, I had a dream that I was crying, honestly, I couldn't think of any reason why I was crying because I didn't have much trouble now and I think my life is going well.

What does this mean? Do I have anything to cry about or will there be people coming into my life to cry? Thank you so much!



Let's reflect on Jemma's dream about Always crying

To you Jemma,

The reason why people dream is simple. It's not so hard to understand and frankly, anyone, just honest with themselves can afford to define their dreams.

Psychologists say, dreams are human, that is, he can dream of something, act or work because in real life, that's what he needs.

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For example, when a woman dreams of holding-hands, in real life, if she admits she dreams of holding her hand while walking.

It's also a dream for women who even have a boyfriend who happens to have their partner don't understand the importance of holding hands with two lovers. So the catchy sense is that the woman will leave her boyfriend without even touching her as they walk.

In tears, when she dreams of crying, in real life she really has to cry because she's so brave, but she knows she's weak too.

So the glamorous bravery has made their dreams cry because in real life, they don't want people to see that they can't afford the obligations, problems and burdens of life.

Typically, they are the women who live alone. Sometimes, they're also married or living with them, so, they're all too useless and burdensome.

The man had eyes and it had tears, that is, he couldn't cry. Because if he continues to struggle, it's hard to believe he's going to get a disease that even the expert doctors can't immediately identify.

So, Jemma, when you're given the opportunity to cry again, you cry. If you don't want other people to see, enter your room and close all the doors and windows, as written in the sacred book that when a person prays, he or she should enter his room.

Why do weeds and prayers have the same similarity? Because the other truth is, crying is also a kind of calling above, as in, it's also that while you cry, Lord says, he'll certainly hear you.

Until again,


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