The most effective way you define your dreams

I missed discussing the most effective way you define your dreams. How? To ask the dream first what does he think his dream means?

He was supposed to give the first interpretation of his dream, because in reality he came from a dream, so he would first know the meaning of his dream. Especially if you ask him, how did he feel while he was dreaming?

In this sense, we can say that if your mother was so worried after she had dreamed of a house you would have bought, it was only the right decision to postpone the purchase or you would not have left the house first.

Meanwhile, what does the dream house mean?

Because the house has different parts and completes parts, such as doors, windows, bedrooms, dining rooms, living room and so on, the dream house can also be considered "your own or your inner self."

If the house is a cottage or a poor house it's a sign that it's hard or you don't see yourself too luxurious. So if you've always dreamed of a hut or just a small house, as it has been said, it's your own "self-concept" or your view of yourself, so you're not going to get rich.

However, if you're a house you've dreamt of, which is made of squirrel and bamboo, but you're happy and good at that dream, it suggests that even if you're poor you're just having a peace of mind in the present.

If the size of the house is right, not small and not a beauty or size, it indicates that your current social status is only in the "middle class."

If the house is large, beautiful, glamorous and real, it is a sign that at present your "unconscious self" is dreaming or even seeking something more in her life, or even more so in the society in which she lives. That means that if you're not rich and your dream home isn't rich, it just suggests that you're dreaming and "you want to be rich!"

And as explained in the psychology interpretation, the house in your dream is your own. The current state of your character. So if you have a beautiful dream house it means you have a good outlook in life and you can also say "spiritually and physically fit" during times when you dream of a beautiful,  and a nice house.

But if the house has a broken, like a broken ceiling, it's a sign that you have a problem deep in the present that is related to your "spiritual self" or you're looking for a deep sense of life.

Where something is wrong, there in that part of yourself there is a problem or an inquiry. For every part of the house has a place to respond to yourself.

For example, the ceiling and roof are our "psychic or inner self including "spiritual self."

The kitchen is represented by our "physical body and physical health."

The window is symbolic of our association with "friends and society."

The doors and other rooms are new insights and new opportunities coming into our experience. So most of the time in our dream we see the door open or the windows of the house open.

The front of the house is the "most recent event."

The rear part of the house is the "worst of the past."

And the living room or the very interior of the house is the current state of our lives and who we are.

The new dream home marks a new beginning, new ideas and new plans and wants to do in your current life.

So we'll go back to your mom's dream. Where he dreams of burning the house you're going to buy, "and because the new house is related to a new beginning, new ideas, and new dreams and life plans" is clear, it's clear that if so, your mother's dream is a "prophetic dream" that says, "when you buy that house, then you'll start to "burn" or "get away" with your other beautiful plans or dreams in life now."

So it's up to you to decide, if you should buy a new house, maybe because you're just going to have to pay for a house you don't have to do?

If you're going to "cash the house" and you've saved the money for a long time or you're actually going through it, the house still shouldn't be instructed. Instead, the right advice, find another home that is cheaper than you currently plan to buy a home.

Be careful in making decisions and making money, so you don't repent. And because you've been careful, (even more money is being talked about and money is hard to earn) this approach will help your family grow and be happier for the rest of your life.

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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