CASE STUDY: The dream that is repeated years ago

Let's reflect on Rodelyn's dream that is repeated

Dear YHVH,

I have a dream that is repeated. From 2010 to now, I've had this dream. I'm going to be hit by a tank of gauze and usually in my dreams that it's 

I save my brothers and loved ones from the explosion.

What does this mean?



With you Rodelyn,

Your dream shows that it's better to have siblings and loved ones. This is compared to single or no loved one and a family that can be relied upon.

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There are also many families, but it doesn't help, so your dream shows that you're lucky because you have a brother and a loved one who is willing to help you.

Of course, in return or gratitude, you will be indebted and should also be able to help them when they are under pressure or need your help.

Your dream is pretty hard to get the sense, it requires deep thinking.

It said, "Where you live, where you die," that is the life lesson that was one of the last things Lord taught Saint Peter. Think, right, it also means "Where you die, that's where you're going to live." It's still kind of hard to understand, but it's like, "Where you're lucky, that's where you're lucky." Oh, yes, it's pretty lightweight.

It also says that when you're on fire, you're lucky too. As a result, believe it or not, you are advised to do business with the fire because it is your own wealth.

Until again,


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