I DREAM Red snake's but I'm not being attacked

Let's Reflect the Dream ( Reflection of life ) about Red Snake

Dear YHVH,

What does my bored red snake mean? I've been told by the snake but I'm not being attacked, then I'm so scared that I'm going to get away.



Let's reflect on Jhackie's dream about Red snake's

With you Jhackie,

It's strange because most women are afraid of the snake, but psychologists have an explanation and they say something like this:

The women were buried in the consciousness that the snake was a symbol of a snake that was teased in the Garden of Eden. 

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For some reason, the snake was accepted by the world as a phallic symbol and this is exactly the image of the man's genitals. So women are afraid of snakes, but their fear is clinging to the phallic symbol of great temptation because temptation doesn't come from true love but rooted in sexual desire and we can't blame if all women are afraid of the snake.

However, there is another snake in the Holy Book and it is the medical symbol that as written, anyone who looks up at the snake above the pole in the middle of the plaza will recover from their illness.

The snake in your dream can be said to be in a second snake. The snake in the middle of the plaza above a pole that anyone who has been strangled will recover from the disease. So your dream says you're afraid of Pandemic but also according to your dream, your snake is watching you well so you have nothing to worry about. Work and continue walking the path of your dreams.

Until again,


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