Let's reflect Dream (reflection of life ) about being lost

HINT: Check your life, change, self-reflection what you need. When you examine yourself


Dear YodHVH,

What does it mean to dream of being lost or lost and not being able to return home?



With you Marivic,

When a man is said to has  "lost" in dream, like you, he or she will dream of straying because his dream is wild.

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Wild dreams are the likes of a man who shouldn't be wanted because it doesn't suit his or her ability or personality.

When you dream of being lost, he has a life where he shouldn't live. These are the people who lived in the wrong, so he was lost right. Life that is right is the one that lives in the way of the majority.

To be able to get home says that in his life, he needs his "Knight in a shining armor." For girls, this is their savior because if they had their own expectations, they wouldn't escape the wrong life.

Sometimes, it is also the so-called "Mr. Right" if the woman does not escape the wrong relationship.

Check your life, change, self-reflection what you need. When you examine yourself, be honest because when people deceive themselves, they have no right and they can't murmur or complain when they cheat their own fate.

Until again,


Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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