What was the snake's message in my dream?

HINT: There is a snake whose symbol is temptation, There is a snake whose symbol is temptation ...


Dear Yod H V H..

I often dream of a snake today. What was the snake's message in my dream?


With you Cheann,

There are snakes that symbolize wealth because the snake is a guardian of hidden treasure. It is the dream that the snake has beautiful colors such as green, yellow orange, red and so on.

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There is also a snake whose symbol is healing from illness. It is when a dreamer or loved one is sick or ill.

There is a snake that is described as personal power. It was the snake in the dream that was seen standing or up and not the snake crawling. It advises that the dreamer exercise when he's scrambling for his unique skill.

There is a snake whose symbol is temptation. It was the big snake that was in the room and sat next to the dream. At one point, this snake was small, but there was a seductive star whose eyes were looking into the eyes of the dreamer.

There's a big snake where it's also a temptation, but the temptation is the partner, spouse or partner of the dreamer. The other advice is to watch because the snake might have tempted your loved one.

Until again,

Yod H V H


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