Driving in dream, related to sexual drive

HINT:  The fact that in sex, there is the word "sexual drive" and the driving car is also being driven.

CASE STUDY: Let's reflect On Anne's dream about Riding in Black Montero

Dear Yod H V H ,

I dream about it two years ago, I just remember because I had watched his video. He's like the one I've dreamed of now, and then I'm amazed because he's English.

There was a man with a blurred face, we were riding in black Montero, but he was driving and I was in the backseat. I went to the wedding, and then she said, she wouldn't let me marry someone else before she kissed me. This year, I had a K-pop group, I was able to realize that I was like 'that's what a member was in my dream two years ago.

He's wearing a white shirt underneath his leather jacket, he's even a little blurred. But I don't crush him, ha? He's handsome but he's my co-member. 



To you, Anne,

The rider in the car is a dream with a hidden meaning. It's hidden because it's not for everyone, especially for young people and quite sensitive.

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Because what the rider actually refers to is sex. For those who matured, sex is normal, it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone who has experienced it, but rather, it's simply saying that everyone understands what sex is.

And so, some dreams are that sex is represented by the fact that in sex, there is the word "sexual drive" and the driving car is also being driven.

There are other things driving a car and sexual drive, but those above are enough to understand the mystery of your dream where driving a car is sexual.

As a result, according to your dream, what you should be able to marry is the formation, the appearance, the physicality and similarity of the member of the K-pop group you dream of.

What if you didn't, screw up, you got married differently? The answer of your dream, you'll let your wife go and have a secret partner whose built is similar to your dream.

Until again,

Yod H V H

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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