DREAM CASE STUDY: Hint that Mama Mary is using to send a message that people need to change

Dear YHVH,

I had a dream of Mama Mary holding my arm and she told me not to feed her a new one. 

What does this mean? Thank you!


Trump Mareng

Let's reflect on Tiguwang Mareng's dream about Mama Mary

To you,

In the world and Mama Mary's, the latter or Mama Mary often gives a message to people when the world faces a terrible problem where people stray from belief and acts are not justifiably wrong.

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This time, according to your dream, Mama Mary used you to reveal her message for the people. So he says we don't feed him a new one is to see that people in today's world are dirty or smelly. In simple terms, the smell of people in the Kingdom or Heaven is not good.

People don't smell smelly, nose pain and headaches and Mama Mary doesn't like it. So the good thing people do is do good to others because this work changes the personality of man in the sight of heaven.

More likely to be seen in the sky today as a  pandemic, many people are selfish and many leaders are helping people, but there are hidden agendas. In other words, they're not doing a good job of helping.

People's work is staggering, it may have been seen in heaven that many have received food and want to get twice as many as they don't.

Again, it's obvious in your dream that Mama Mary doesn't like what people do so she uses you to convey to those around you that people need to change because not changing means having a worse situation.

Until again,


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