Let's reflect the DREAM ( reflection of life ) about Digging in the House

HINT: you will dig and discover treasure in your life


Dear YodHVH

I was digging in my house. He said an old man who suddenly entered our house had a treasure.

I dig in the very place he taught. I dig deep and there was a hard thing that hit my dig, I woke up. What would that be?



To you  Misha-meat,

Everyone, of course, you and I have a deep sense of awareness. So, the word awareness, the deeper the meaning, so you might not have understood.

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But there's another depth in man and it's his personality. It's a staggering, deep-seated character. This depth of character is a real reason why there is a time when those around us don't understand us.

And any deep, shouldn't it just be dug? Well, why dig?

Your dream says that whatever is deep in you is that you will dig and discover treasure in your life. It's the hidden skill, eloquence, intelligence and beauty of yourself.

How is it dig deep into someone?

Follow the counsel written in the Sacred Book in secret, talk to yourself. In silence, check yourself out. In moments when you're not with anyone, think deeply.

In this way, you'll discover something in yourself that's like that, you have a hidden skill, your eloquence, your talent and beauty—this is your hidden treasure.

Until again,

Yod HVH 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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