Let's reflect the DREAM (reflection of life ) About Cooking with Mom

HINT: Sometimes, the Mother is also called ESP or extra sensory perception that sometimes works with someone


Dear Yod HVH,

I went to the market but didn't buy anything. When I got home, mama asked me to come back and she said, I bought a dish. I went back to the market, then bought chicken and liver to make it adobo.

When I got home, my mama was excited because she wanted a chicken that she wanted to dish. He was the one who cooked because I didn't know how much to cook delicious adobong chicken.

What was the message of my dream?



With you Leilanie,

In your dream, you might say that "Mother knows best," because the best dish for her is  chicken adobo you've bought.

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At one point, it was hard for her mother to be right because the children were losing a personal decision about which to decide for herself.

In fact, it's one of the big problems where a parent is interfering with his or her child's wishes.

As now, it's time for a child to dictate what a child should take. And what usually happens is what a parent dreams of, that's what he's going to get from his child.

So the son tries to fulfill his parent's dream and his own dream seems to have been completely lost. So when his son went to school, that's it. It was his dream that he was going to get his son. This is the educational problem here for us, that those who have studied what their parents want and who don't know what they really want to learn.

Again, in your dream, you're told that "Mother knows best," but there's another hidden truth that's more right than everyone else's. The feeling is a whisper of emotion that will command the body and mind that something should be done.

Sometimes, the Mother is also called ESP or extra sensory perception that sometimes works with someone, like you've got the adobong chicken you choose and it's exactly what your mama loves.

Until again,.


Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


Your Future As Written in the star

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