DREAM CASE STUDY : Sign that there are many life obligations that will not be reduced

 Let's reflect On Shen's dream about Wants to 'decrease'

Dear YHVH,

I'm so upset and I'm not going to finish off because I'm wearing so many bottoms and I'm even wondering because I'm wearing so many underwear, shorts and pants.



To you Shen,

When man has many obligations, his dreams become surreal dreams. Surreal dreams are images, actions or events that are different from normal life.

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So in surreal dreams there are hidden truths that are pretty hard to expose. However, when understood the dreamer can be relieved and his mind will not be bothered by the things or problems he is carrying.

In the dream, the surreal scenery is the scene where you can't finish off your clothes because of the sheer volume. "It's a reduction" and the reduction is needed by a person because if he doesn't get sick he or she will get sick. And in real life, the reduction is the obligations that make it difficult for people. But in your dream, you can't reduce the obligation to the amount of clothing you need to remove.

So according to your dream, you struggle to reduce your obligation where your mind and body are affected. This is exactly what is said to be the stress of the human enemy.

When stressed, hard to sleep, lazy, slim and slim where the secret reason is that he wants to escape the heavy obligations he has faced.

But the difficulty of sleep, mood and mentality is staggering. When the obligation is about debt, you may not be able to torture yourself by telling the debtor that what you can do is all you can do until you pay off your total debt.

What will really make your life easier, however, is that you're going to be able to sack yourself that you're never going to borrow and you'll also say that even though progress is fortunate, what's important is that you're still getting better.

The businessmen in a hurry are tempted to go into debt, so ultimately regret because they have discovered that borrowing is making their lives difficult.

But for those who know what to do, it's simple. As has been said, the debtor will admit that he can't afford the previous deal, so re-examine the obligation to settle the repayment without having to pay off and also not hurt the creditor's head that no one will charge every time.

At first, of course, the creditor didn't want to pay according to the agreement, but he was only angry because he knew there was a business lender that they couldn't really do when no charges were filed. The debter sometimes pays a fee, but sometimes there's nothing and has to go back and forth to make a charge. In that case, the founder will be allowed to change or reorganize the way the payment is made.

It's not about how to tax the creditor, but it's a reality in the lives of the people. But if you have to pay, pay for everything when the stress in your life is gone.

Until again,


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