And for you to learn quickly how to interpret dreams, remember that there are eight (8) scenarios or events that make a dream come true and we can also say "Eight Basic Rules" about why someone dreamed. These are as follows:

  • When you're "eagerly excited" to achieve something, or you're going to have to make a situation happen, you're likely to dream of it.

Example 1: A couple who have been together for a long time but have no children. And because they love having a family, you're home-born is likely to always dream of a baby.
  • To those who want to interpret a dream or to define your dream. you can chat me.

Example 2: You want to go to school but you're just poor so you don't get an education or you're not after college. Because you love school so much, you can dream that you're in school or that you're in school.

  • When you consciously "deny" something or someone or an event or a situation, you'll probably dream of it or dream of him.

For example: You had a disagreement with your friend. But you pretend "you're not affected" by your fight.  You'll probably dream of this friend.

  • When you fear something or a situation that you're close to facing it will come out of your dream through archetypes.

For example: You apply abroad or work. You can dream of the situation where you've been interviewed at the embassy or the manager.

  •  When you hate someone, you are very angry with this person and want to lose him in your life, you will likely dream of a situation in which you are interfering with both or this very person you hate. 

For example: You have a friend who is in a fight and you hate him very much. You'll probably dream of him.

  •  When something important is lost, for example you have lost your job, your husband has left you, you break up your beloved girlfriend or boyfriend, you suddenly get bored with your job and other situations like this, you'll probably be bored of similar situations. 

  • When a "rites of passage" occurs in your experience, a major change in "stages of your life"; Like abroad, marriage, you're close to a high school or a college, you're close to work, and other changes that will shake your moral value or make your comfort zone a disaster, you're sure to dream of what kinds of archetypes you're going to represent.

2. When you have a serious problem that you can't solve or face a decision that depends on your personal achievement or your family's future depends on it, you're more likely to dream of different kinds of archetypes.

8.When you have natural prophesying power. You'll probably dream of "prophetic dreams."

These are the dreams where, you are shown "future" or "what can happen in the future."

Several examples of this are found in the Bible, where these "prophetic dreams" were able to be interpreted or well defined and explained by Joseph and Daniel, as it was said, in the Bible.

There are also biblical events in which Jacob himself bore the "prophetic dream." Here is the story:

"Jacob left The Virgin to Haran. When he arrived at one place, he stopped there because the sun was set, and that's where the night went by. He took one of the rocks there and put on a placenta, and he lay down to sleep. When Jacob was asleep, he dreamed that there was a ladder on the earth that reached the top, and the angels of God were ascending there." (Genesis 28: 10-12)

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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