If the Universe Is One Being, What Is Its Aim?

Following is a thought process that many go through. 

'I used to be angry that, if there was a God, they would be so cruel as to allow bad things to happen to good people. Then I realized that maybe both positive and negative experiences happen to all of us as part of our soul's journey of evolution and growth.' 

Some have concluded that if all of Creation, the universe and everything in it, is one being, then it must be existing to learn and experience itself. Creation wants to experience all that there is as it produces infinite circumstances, events, and possibilities for each organism, animal, and person. Creation is experiencing absolutely everything through each of us. On the individual level, therefore, life reveals itself to be a journey of learning and experience, as our souls reincarnate over aeons and under different circumstances, becoming ever wiser and ultimately enlightened. 

Perhaps, therefore, God, Creation, source, or whichever name you prefer, is impartial about whether we have positive or negative experiences, and instead watches with interest whether we, when faced with challenges, will take positive, loving actions or negative, self-serving ones. If you think about it, in the grand scheme of things, a life of serving only the self, of gaining material possessions, money, power, or control, ultimately leads nowhere. We can only truly progress when we co-cre-ate with others for the benefit of all, and the challenge is to find our way back to the highest truth - that of love.

Empathic Awakening 

When we awaken, many of us step back and look at society as a whole and see unfairness, inequality, and corruption more than we had before. We then start exploring new proposed 
societal structures that redress the imbalance of excessive wealth for the few and hardship for the many, and where resources are man-aged fairly in harmony with the Earth. As our hearts open, we genuinely feel the love in the energy of all that is, and realize that love is fundamental to the fabric of our reality, all else being various degrees of distortion. We begin to embody love in our approach to life, other beings, and in everything we do, because love heals, transforms, and brings out the best in everybody. 
More often than not, during awakening, we also experience a flurry of empathy for others; we imagine what it's like to be in their shoes. Were starting to understand that separateness is an illusion after all. 
'1 always felt overwhelmed in crowds of people and thought it was social anxiety. But during my awakening, I realized it was more than that. If it was a happy occasion, I'd feel their joy, but if they were pushing and shoving to get on the train, I'd feel their frustration.' 
Our empathic sense (feeling other's emotions as your own) tends to level up upon awak-ening. It's overwhelming for many, just like any sensory capability, and requires honing and training, and I'll explain ways to manage it later. Empathic awakening happens for a reason. Pan of our evolutionary process is becoming more supportive of one another, and what better way than for us to truly under-stand another's feelings. 
'All of mankind's inner feelings eventually manifest themselves as an outer reality. That applies to the development of cities, nations, and continents, as well as individuals. You don't have to become a great visionary -just watch the inner flow 
and you'll know what will happen next.' 

Manifesting All the Time 

The law of attraction is a fundamental law of our universe, and awakening helps us figure it out. We begin to master manifesting to create positive, sweeping change and to improve our and others' lives. Our thoughts, beliefs, and vibration have contributed to our situation and circumstances as they are now because we all manifest unconsciously until we are con-sciously aware of the process. Our conscious-ness interacts with reality because it is part of reality, and it brings us experiences based on our thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations because those are what we require for our learning and experience. 

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