What Are Akashic Records and Where Are The Akashic Records Stored?

The Akashic Records are a collection of all that’s known, unknown, and unknowable. They contain information about you, your soul, and everything else in the universe. The good news is they also offer a process to connect with the divine knowing of your soul at this moment. When someone opens your akashic records, for example, you have access to both information about yourself and knowledge from the divine source of all beingness within this moment. 

What you get from the Akashic Records is always in response to the questions you ask. They will answer the questions as simply or complexly as you desire, depending on your level of interest. 

The Akashic Records are also a storehouse of knowledge about our past lives and lifetimes on Earth. The Records hold information about the soul’s journey on Earth as well as in other lifetimes. They contain a history of the evolution and growth of souls over millions of years, details unknown or unimagined by conventional scholars. For entry into the Akashic Records, I follow a straightforward procedure that includes a vision and blessing. The procedure, which is similar to other traditions, allows you to ask questions of the Akashic Records and receive answers that are accurate, detailed, and relevant.

Where Are The Akashic Records Stored? 

The Akashic Records are thought to exist in an ethereal, non-physical plane known as the "Akasha." The Akasha flows through everything in our universe. It flows through nature, matter, and our souls. The Akasha encompasses everything. However, the Akashic Records do not give you any physical power like telekinesis. 

The Akashic Records are also thought by many to be a collective consciousness or a more primal form of collective unconsciousness. This means that memories are stored in our world as energy patterns, and these energy patterns are molded into forms and objects by our thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts and emotions have evolved through natural selection, but they still influence reality today. We can say that such things as DNA strands store imprints of past lives, which we can access when receiving readings from the Records. 

Many believe the Records exist in other dimensions outside of ours because it is part of an ethereal plane where all possible realities exist simultaneously (past, present, future). It is thought that our souls have a direct connection to the Akashic Records through out-of-body experiences, astral travel, and NDEs. The information found in the Records often makes sense when it's interpreted, which is why many people believe they are authentic. Since information can be obtained by accessing other dimensions through these experiences, we can also obtain knowledge about former lives just as easily.

Akashic Records: 

The Origins The origins of the Akashic Records are not known for sure, but it is believed that their modern beginning was in the 1800s in Europe. Many people began to learn about Hinduism and Buddhism due to the transmission of ideas that started through the British colonization of India in the late 1700s.

The Sumerian civilization in the Mesopotamian area. was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is now Iraq. A hint to the Akashic Records was found in the ancient Mesopotamian concept of the Tablet of Destinies. The Tablet of Destinies and the Book of Life, were two tablets: one for good and one for evil omens. These tablets represented divine knowledge and recorded events during a lifetime that were destined to happen from birth to death. 

The records were believed to have been kept by the gods, who determined destiny and fate in advance. They wrote down the information about an individual’s life on these tablets before they were born. Then they sealed them in front of witnesses as a kind of proof of future events. 

Then the tablets were buried in a temple where they would be kept safe and secret until the person’s death. They could be opened, and it was believed that the truth about what had happened during their life would be written inside. To find out more about their life story, it seems that an individual could be taken to the temple and shown the tablets. After reading them, they would read their personal life story from beginning to end. 

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