CASE STUDY : I had a dream for Mama Mary

Let's reflect the dream about Mama Mary

Dear Yod H V H,

I had a dream for Mama Mary. He was white and blue, then he called me and we went out in a garden with lots of low-key flowers. I also saw little angel babies and wings, and then they walked along Mama Mary and me.

Mama Mary said hello to my mommy and daddy, and then she asked me 'my best friend Che-che. I said, they're okay. I even said Che-che was nice and I was always with him. What does my dream about Mama Mary mean?



To you, Vangie,

When time is scarred by chaos and events that are not beautiful and out of control, when people themselves are fighting like they do in wars, when people think of themselves and self-interest, darkness is said to reign over the world.

In this picture of the world, many will dream of Mama Mary and other divine personalities and you are one of those who dreamt of Mama Mary.

You know, if we go back to history, Mama Mary just shows people with a clean heart and a good heart. So you can be said to be a good man—with a clean heart and a good heart.

Another fact that we get from Mama Mary's and the World's history is this - so Mama Mary shows up in different ways, including dreams because she loves people where she doesn't want many to be harmed.

Like you, Mama Mary loves you and she loves your mommy and daddy too. The interesting thing is that he also loves Che-che your best friend.

It also says that while the world is messy, your loved ones will be preserved by Mama Mary and it is guaranteed by your dream.

Finally, stay with a clean heart and a broken heart because it is the ultimate of your dream.

Until again, 

Yod H V H

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