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Dear Yod H V H,

I dreamed of rice, so I wanted to know what rice meant in the dream?



To you, Carol,

The rice means a simple thing in your dream, so here are some meanings of rice when dreaming.

• If you're planning to do business, sell Rice.

  • --

If on days when you dream of rice you have a problem in life because you have little income, your dream is to put your food ahead of other things you want to have.

If you're confused about who you choose who your relationship is, your dream says it's not a relationship but one that you're going to feed. So put your stomach first than anything else.

If on days when you dream of rice you're looking forward to, your dream says, don't buy any lucky charms because you just need a lucky charm.

• You'll drive rice before entering the door of the house or gate entrance. You'll also have rice indoors.

• Take a small pot or cup of porcelain and add rice.

• You buy rice that is too much for you to need, but it shouldn't be too much to consume.

• Powder or fried rice is also a powerful antidote to evil spirits. Put it in a small cloth bag. Take it wherever you go so you are not approached by negative forces.

There's a lot of meaning in the dream. Your message is short of detail, so it's expected that in your re-writing you will be able to share other things in your dream related to rice.

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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