The Secret Meaning of your DREAM About demon and hell

HINT: So according to your dream, it looks like you're losing confidence in yourself, as in, you're going through the challenges of your fate.

CASE STUDY : Let's reflect the  dream about Demons and hell

Dear Yod HVH,

I dreamed of a mountain and a volcano. On the volcano, it's like hell with fire and lava boiling. I saw a creature and I think he was a demon because he had a horn and dark red, then he ate the human heart and liver and he gave me what he ate.

I was so scared, then I prayed and an angel came out, then I was taken and taken to a mountain where I felt heaven and the angel said to me, "Here, that devil won't get you because you can't get into it!"

I turned to the hell I came from and saw that it became a volcano that was bursting with lava and fire, then suddenly I woke up. I hope you can explain what my dream means. Thank you!



To you, Jamil,

You know, your dream demon and hell was also screwed up by Carl Jung. Carl Jung founded the School of Thought, called Analytical Psychology.

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Mr. Jung had such an experience where he dreamed of the devil, had a horn and ate people and wanted him to eat too. At first, he was scared too, but he remembered that animals with horns and didn't eat meat, so he wouldn't actually eat a devil.

He said to the devil, "You're Vegetarian, 'no?" Because the main food of the horned is plants and vegetables. He even turned the devil around and said, "Yes, you eat a heart, but it's a banana because the banana is a plant. Yes, you eat liver but that's a big tree's body, because "that's the core of the tree, it's called liver."

Then, according to Mr. Jung, the devil had disappeared because he was embarrassed because his intimidation didn't go away.

Wherefore, be not afraid because your dream is a demon with a horn, you will not eat it. That means the devil just threatens you and that's why you're afraid because in the days when you dream, you lose or lose your faith.

But because the word "faith" is religious, we use the word "trust" better now and you think the word "trust" is better for you. So according to your dream, it looks like you're losing confidence in yourself, as in, you're going through the challenges of your fate.

So the advice, trust yourself, you're going to be screwed up now that we often hear, "Just trust," yes, you're just confident. When a person has confidence in himself, the impossible things will be possible and the hard things he can't possibly handle will surely be his.

"Just trust," try and improve your fortune because when a person has confidence in himself, he or she can be said to have the courage and courage to face any challenges and challenges of life, especially in this age of academics.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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