In my dream, I was Alice of Alice in Wonderland

HINT: choose the positive world and don't embrace the negative world.

CASE STUDY:  Let's reflect on Dianne's dream about Alice in Wonderland.

Dear Yod H V H,

I wanted to know what my dream meant. 

In my dream, I was Alice of Alice in Wonderland. I look very different because I'm dressed and my hair is brown. Just always Alice in Wonderland is the theme of my dream.



To you, Dianne,

Women can't be in love with the story of Alice in Wonderland, but it happens during their youth, particularly in their teenage years or approaching being a full-time woman.

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This happens because the woman does not want to leave her childhood or childhood. This is why he sees in his surroundings that adult life has been poor. He may have seen one of his acquaintances or close to the heart where the absolute single woman had just become sad. Likewise, he was frustrated with life and slavery of poverty and was just a sedd to those around him.

He may have seen that here on earth, the strong are ruling and the weak are being abused. For him, the weak is women.

With this thought to be built on his character, he wanted to escape the cruel world with no fun and just a sense of sadness.

Wanting to flee, his desired access was Alice in Wonderland. This is where your dream reflects that you live in misery, so as it has been said, what you want is the semi-wonderland world.

It's just a myth because the real world is the reality and it has two pictures. The first is the negative and the other is the positive reality.

Therefore, choose a positive reality because when it is your choice, the dark will be your thanks because it will give birth to a new morning.

Sadness will also be yours to be grateful for having to be sad to have a happy day.

Again, choose the positive world and don't embrace the negative world.

Until again,

Yod H V H

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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