IN MY DREAM: I fell down on the stairs

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HINT: In the world of dreams, the ladder is a symbol of the dreams or ambitions of the dreamer he wants to reach.

CASE STUDY: Let's reflect the dream about I fell down the stairs because of my dream

Dear Yod H V H,

I had a dream and wanted to know what it meant. I fell down the stairs because I had something so I fell. Right now, I'm very worried about this dream because I fell. So I hope you can give it meaning. Thank you so much!


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To you, Susan,

In the world of dreams, the ladder is a symbol of the dreams or ambitions of the dreamer he wants to reach. The staircase also announces a success in life that the dreamer can get.

Frankly, the mountain of success is really climbing, so success is to reach the peak, peak and peak of our dreams or ambitions. for instance, must climb first, to get to the top.

Because as has been said, the stairs have only one meaning in dreams and it announces that you can reach your dream, scramble, the stairs are a great dream for people with ambitions in life.

There's another happy news on the stairs and you might be surprised and in disbelief. Look!

in the world of dreams, it doesn't matter if you fall, falls or falls because there is enough stairs in the dream to say that the dreamer can reach his dreams and ambitions.

It also reminds us that it's really good for someone, especially a young woman like you who has a dream in life. Because those who have no dreams have nothing to gain and their lives are meaningless.

It said, "dream and dream again." You will live your dreams and live up to your dreams and you will find that the things you love to reach will surely be achieved.

It's a staggering, no ambition that doesn't dream first, so the most important thing in every person's life is that he or she has a dream.

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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