IN MY DREAM: I have so much hair in the Armpit

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HINT:  Dream warns that neglecting yourself will hurt your life. As a result, here are some tips for getting back to yourself.

CASE STUDY: Let's reflect Randy's dream about so much hair in the ArmpiArmpit

Dear Yod H V H,

Can my dream mean that I have so much hair in the Armpit, then the length of its hair?



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To you, Randy,

According to your dream, you're too busy at the moment. Either in the workplace or at work. You can also be on the same day and you can be over-the-end in recent days like why you're sad, eh, you should be okay.

Simply put, it looks like you're abandoning yourself. Convent, you no longer take care of yourself or you no longer notice your personal needs.

It said, "Look at all the resources on the ground..." there's still a sequel, but for the religious aspect. But for you, it's like, "You're going to have all the resources on the ground if you can leave yourself."

It said, "To embrace the sadness, there is no hope of a better fate." The truth is, according to psychologists, a small depression, when worse, becomes a disease or illness and is called depression.

It would have been OKAY if you were going to get depression, but what when depression gets worse or we just say what if someone's life is gone? He hasn't taken care of himself any more, sometimes, but also often, he no longer appreciates his personal hygiene or sanitation with laughter.

Notice those who are being attacked by depression and you'll see, their hair is long. Because they don't remember that what people need is grooming. Her nails were also slicked back as she had neglected her beautiful form.

There's a lot going on with him that shouldn't have happened to someone who was being attacked by depression.

Your dream warns that neglecting yourself will hurt your life. As a result, here are some tips for getting back to yourself.

The man was created like God, so he should be able to maintain his beauty.

The disease is just waiting around so people should be clean, especially now in the pandemic season.

Also remember that when a person is in good form, he is stronger and the opportunities in front of him are within his reach.

• A person does not live on his own. He has a fellow, a friend, a loved one and people he should be with. His every act also affects society, because the other truth is, everything is connected.

You can make yourself better and your life will be better again and the world you live in will be beautiful too. This is the message of your dream.

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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