IN MY DREAM: The SNAKE bite at the back of my knee

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HINT: According to your dream, you get involved in people's fun, socializing with young people and also with adults. 

CASE STUDY: let's reflect Ivan  dream about Snake bite at the back of my knee

Dear Yod H V H,

My dream was about a snake bite at the back of my knee. I wanted to get rid of it, but when I asked my neighbor to remove it, they were able to remove the snake. I hope you can define my dream.



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To you, Ivan,

You know, Ivan, there are body parts that are sourced of ticklish feeling. We're not going to be alone any more because you may know which part of the body they are, but there's one part of the body that's very narrow and it's unknown to most people.

Before you think about anything, you might be a little bit tickle, but it's not what you can imagine that makes you smile because this part of the body is alcohol-drinking.

So it's called a little bit of water and the water in this part is as sourness as the acidity in wine.

But his wine-alcohol name has nothing to do with our seductive conversation. So this part is very narrow because its skin is so thin that it is so soft that the softness is the same as the softness of the genitals.

In India where Hinduism is, a religion that is the source of the well-known Kama Sutra book, they over-engage with alcohol because it's also a sensitive part when the conversation is about love making.

Kama Sutra reports that alcohol-fuelled kisses result in the rapid development of libido. I'll tell you to try, but it's just because it's not good to try ways related to having libido.

So let's go back to your dream that the message says, you don't have enough energy and enthusiasm. Your fate may now be staggering as if there is no movement, so you assume your life is not moving.

And the solution to your dream is that you just lack the "ticklish feeling of life." What is called life's stigma? These are the strange actions that result in human happiness.

According to your dream, you get involved in people's fun, socializing with young people and also with adults. Convent, fun is taken from the society you live in and psychologists call it social interaction.

And in social interactions, as well as sharing and sharing, the chimney about neighbors and different forms of life is unavoidable. And your dream also announces another hard-to-believe fact that gossip is also one of life's most effective stigma.

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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