Every character, we see in our dream, is no different - or it's you who dreamed!"

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Hello Yod  and have a nice day! I dreamed my uncle's was chasing me with his Long knife . What does this mean?

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When you are running in your dream because someone is chasing you, its obvious interpretation is "you are running away" and you may also be afraid of something.

You can now ask yourself: “What am I running away from or what is the thing, event or situation I am afraid of right now?”

This is how interpretation happens, because remember that “the basic” or “main key or step or method in interpreting a dream” depends on this premise or fact: “That every event, and every character, is the same as anything else. that we see in our dream, no one else - it's us too, or it's you who dreamed! ”

A typical example of this Carolyn is like your current dream: "Someone is chasing you and your uncle is chasing you." But in real life, in the real and actual events of the present in your "walking life", - you are also chasing you!

"Why are you chasing yourself?" - An option you want to ask. You happen to be chasing yourself because, as it has been said, "you are running away or you don't want to do something right now, that your unconscious self wants you to do."

That is why when we dream that someone is chasing us, it is "time" or moment in our lives that we should practice deep meditation or inner reflection where, for a moment we ask ourselves like this:

First, is there anything I should do these last few days that I avoid doing? If there is, it is better or better for you to do, because this is what your unconscious self wants to say, or this is what your inner self dictates, “do and carry out, something that you avoid or fear and certainly when you did it, you will succeed and your uncle will never be mentally chased again! ”

Name, also ask yourself that maybe in recent days you have made a mistake or misfortune? That is why “you are guilty” or “you have inner guilt” and this “inner guilt” is the result of our dreams.

In other words, in a more specific example, “when you do something wrong, you are very sure that you will dream a nightmare or a dream that you seem to be afraid of, because during your walking life or when you were awake you did something as unfortunate or error, that even if you hide it or conceal it, you can't keep it a secret from your inner self, that's why it (the mistakes and mistakes we made without anyone knowing) automatically manifests or takes shape in our dream, like the scenarios “someone is chasing you!”

That is why when you regret or accept, that you did something wrong and you say to yourself that “I will never do it again” or you say to yourself that “I accept what I did wrong and I am responsible for this ”and this is“ I am not genie-justified or justified yet ”, it will certainly happen, because“ you have willingly accepted the mistakes and misfortunes you have made in recent days or in recent months ”in you lie down on your soft bed, you will never dream of someone chasing you again, your sleep will be deep and good again.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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