I was bitten by a snake 3 times in my DREAM

Let's reflect the dream (reflection of life ) about Snake bite

Dear Yod HVH

 Good morning! I have something to refer to you. Sir, can I know the meaning of my dream.

    I don't remember him very well, but in my dream I was bitten three times by a snake, the snake was not big, but I remember in my dream I was bitten 3 times.

    What does my dream mean? Thank you!

Dear Ruth,

      The dream of being bitten by a snake is really worrying but you need to know that your dream is a threatening dream. That means "warning" can prevent anything bad from happening.

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     Supposedly, sister, we often see in EDSA road, the prohibitions against crossing, because many have also been injured while crossing the "No Crossing."

    To those who follow the "forbidden" they avoid the pain but to those who are stubborn and do not listen to the warning, it is too late to repent, sometimes it is not possible to repent.

Because of this, you also need to know that the "snake" is temptation so avoid temptation, that is, follow the advice to "Stay away from temptation."

     What can happen when you don’t listen?

     When bitten by a snake, it does not die but the body becomes numb or unable to move due to the snake's venom entering the body. And because you have been bitten three times, you may not believe it but your body, mind and emotions will lose strength or feeling.

This means, what will be destroyed, your mind will be lost and your emotions will also be derailed, as in, these three will no longer work properly. Because well, daughter, these are the ones going to be tempted.

    The owner of the body is different, the mind is lame to think because your sanity will be captured and again your feelings will be owned differently.

  Supposedly, that is why Lord Jesus Christ repeatedly instructed us to avoid temptation because the slave of darkness will swallow up the whole being of an individual.

          Now that you know the bad effect on a person's life when he is tempted, there is a good chance that you will avoid temptation because of course most of all you love yourself.

     But why does a girl dream of a snake and that the snake bites her? This is because these days he dreams he has a seductive nature.

   Beautiful but not just beautiful, because she, too, is beautiful and sexy. This is the truth behind dreams about snakes and women or girls.

                    Until again,

                    Yod HVH


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