I wrote the last name of my crush in my DREAM

Let's Reflect the Dream (reflection of life) about Crush and accidentally Wrote his last name

HINT: your crush can be the one you can marry


Dear Yod HVH,

           Hi ! I hope you can explain my dreams. We wrote my sister's name in my dream, then, that's my name, I wrote the last name of my crush. In my sister, ‘that’s just her name really. Then suddenly came my crush while we were writing the name. He grabbed my waist, then, he hugged me, I was a bit taken aback so I left. Then I woke up! What does that mean? Thank you!


To you Airen,

           Before lovers ’relationships begin, there are crushes that mediate. Sometimes the boy has a crush on the girl and sometimes there is also a chance that the girl has a crush on the boy. But you know, there are also relationships where there is no crush in between, because the girl and boy suddenly had a relationship so they also suddenly had a relationship.

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There are two things involved in having a crush, the first is the good shape of one of them. Supposedly, a girl likes a boy because he admires the form of the latter. On the boy's side as well, he likes her because he is beautiful to the girl.

          Many crushes also do not end in a relationship especially if the person who had the crush already has a loved one, has a girlfriend, is already married and is already responsible. It's only when one knows that the other has a crush on him, no matter what his condition is that he can't forget so he enters into the wrong relationship.

Sometimes, it’s also nice to know that one has a crush on her the other but they both need to be  free to love. In this case, the relationship that came from having a crush can lead to a happy and successful relationship.

         In your dream, your crush sees that you like him. So if he is free or has no relationship, you can be and your relationship will be happy and without problems.

You know, Airen, having a relationship, especially having a boyfriend on the woman's side, doesn't immediately mean that the girl wants the boy to marry her, because having a boyfriend or girlfriend is only part of our lives.

   But marriage, of course, became a boyfriend first or became a girlfriend first. There are also but it is rare that the couple has not been through the two of them are lovers and this condition also leads to separation.

According to your dream, your crush can be the one you can marry. Because the surname you use is his surname. But it's not that easy, because your dream also says that when he notices that you crush him, you will pretend that you didn't crush him, so he will also go through hardships before you can say that you are in love with him.

       Such love stories are naturally experienced by those who have had a relationship. Because it is not good in our culture for a woman to respond quickly to a man and it is necessary that even if the woman is actually willing, she will not just express her feelings.

         There are those who are unmoved by this view, because they believe that when you want, you want and there is nothing to pretend yet. Maybe the world is new now because in fact it is also quite trendy now.

But  . you know, Airen, in this world everyone who has the ability to love or build a family or just a sexual relationship, just needs to not be casually made to feel wanted or willing. Because even though it is not in the world of humans, even in animals it is not seen that one is willing immediately. Suppose that non-humans or animals and even insects that are important in a relationship do not immediately consent.

           On the whole your dreams correspond to the proper system of relationship.

                 Until again,

                 Yod HVH.

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