Let's Reflect the DREAM about long and fat SNAKE PYTHON wanted to wrap itself around me

HINT:  There is a symbol of the serpent in dreams and this is what the serpent describes is called “Kundalini”


Dear Yod HVH,

          I dreamed last night that someone said that a huge, long and fat snake python wanted to wrap itself around me, what does that mean?


To you Wendie,

           The snake python is in the woman's dream depicting a man lusting after her. That desire is sexual love. I mean, it's also a kind of love so it's just the man's desire that the woman he dreamed of having sex with.

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This meaning of the said dream is not difficult to know if it is true because the woman who dreamed in real life has a consciousness or she knows that someone likes her that she feels only sex wants. But sometimes, a woman is not immediately aware of it because, as I help you, here are some signs on how to know that a man only wants sex with a woman.

First, when he speaks his words can be said to refer to the sexiness of the woman. That is, the beauty of the woman's body is what she often notices.

          Men also with sexual desire do not forget to mention that he is Very Good or capable of giving pleasure to the woman in question.

          Sometimes because there are men who can't speak directly or are somehow embarrassed because he doesn't feel comfortable with the woman, he or the man can often be seen staring at the part of the woman's body that describes his sexiness.q

There is also a man whose sexual desire is passed on by staring for a long time at the woman he wants to have sex with. Although true love is also expressed through stare, the difference is that in true love, when the woman notices that she is being stared at by the man, the man is bowed, meanwhile, to the stare with lust when the woman staring notices the staring man does not bow but he stares even more.

Because you now know how to know if the dream about the snake is related to the man’s lust for the woman, you will now know if your dream has that meaning.

             There is a symbol of the serpent in dreams and this is what the serpent describes is called “Kundalini”, it is a very strong spiritual force of every person that when he dreams he also says that his spiritual force also grows stronger when he may be able to do impossible things, but it is simply impossible for others or for his fellow man because it is not impossible when the Kundalini of man is what makes him feel.

The Kundalini, Wendie, is the very image of the snake that inhabits the spine or backbone of a person. He is, in fact, a magical serpent that is in every man, that when his forces work the man will manifest a strange power not seen in the common people. He is able to suppress the evil motives of his fellow man, he himself becomes a saint or his will can be seen close to the deeds of holiness. that his words serve as commands to those who hear him.

             It will also not be difficult for you to know if this is indeed the meaning of your dream because when you notice that your wishes are being followed, that is, the snake you dreamed of is your powerful Kundalini.

                     Until again.

                    Yod HVH

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