Let's Reflect the DREAM about MOON that was so bright

HINT: "The Power Is With You." Because this is exactly what the Full Moon means that you keep dreaming about.


Dear Yod HVH,

   I just asked because I dreamed of the moon that was so bright, it was pure like that a few times, last night that was my dream again. I just ask what does the full moon mean in the dream,  I hope you can answer. Thank you.


To you Marites,

       The Power, Marites, is evil if used in evil and if in Right used, of course, not evil. The dream says, "The Power Is With You." Because this is exactly what the Full Moon means that you keep dreaming about.

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   What kind of power do you have? The first is power that is magical. That word potion, a term that says anyone you want to fall in love  will fall in love to you.

    That is why the word potion is feared by some because it is a power from a witch.

     But real potion from Full Moon is even more surprising because you have "crazy" beauty or personality. Is this true.

You see, the Moon in Latin is "luna." So the English word "lunatic" has the root word "luna." Do you know, Marites, what "lunatic" means? if not yet, check in out, now.

But don't be afraid that the above is not as bad as it used to be in reality. Because the Full Moon simply tells the full -strength of the good qualities of the dreamer.

    Full Moon also says that the luck of the dreamer is in full swing. LUCKY, sister, did you read? So the question is, do you already know what a person is supposed to do when the appointed days come that luck is upon him?

   You should know! Think you know! So do it first, now!

              Until again,

             Yod HVH

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