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Let's reflect the DREAM About spider and centipede that I killed

The Dream Reflection of Life about Spider and Cetipede

 Dear Yod HVH,

    I just want to know what my dream of the spider and centipede that I killed in my dream means.


Saiyo Azialg,

      The image of animals is used to frighten groups of people with malice towards their neighbor.

    That's why, Not Intentionally that the symbol of triads or syndicates is usually a picture of The Dragon. The other is The Scorpion. And the other is The Spider and the other is The Centipede.

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      All of them, you’ll notice are tentacles, except for The Dragon. The scorpion has tentacles, the spider has tentacles and so does the centipede. That their tentacles say their influence is vast and they are extremely dangerous.

In the dream you kill the spider and squirrel, that is, you are currently wary of scammers whose aim is to fool people. However, "you killed" you won against scammers.

   But the "you killed" also says you fought, but you just didn't lose.

In every fight there are efforts to invest, sometimes, to have more courage, not just to lose.

  So prepare yourself against the fraudsters, and also prepare yourself for the frustration that you might be losing something at least.

               Until again,

              Yod HVH

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