Let's Reflect the DREAM about Whole Rice Grain

The DREAM, Reflection of Life about Whole Rice Grain

Dear Yod HVH,

    I just want to know, what is the meaning of my mother -in -law's dream, She said she dreamed of rice grains and she thinks they are very beautiful, whole and not crushed.

    He said he wanted to buy 2 kilos for only -50, but he couldn't because someone called him in his dream as if he was told that they were leaving and they were in a hurry, until he woke up. Thank you very much! Looking forward to your answer. Thank you and God bless and more power to you.


To you Ruby,

    There are many things to dream that mean good fortune. Just like your father -in -law dreamed that rice is whole grain and not crushed and beautified because that kind of rice, ruby, is first class rice. So first class luck or good fortune will go to your father -in -law.


 Here in our province there are many rice mills, the truth is, the whole country is here with us buying rice supplies. That is why it can be said that rice millers control the price of rice throughout the country.

  Before we get lost in the subject, you know, ruby, the rice described in your father -in -law's dream is rare because it can be said that no farmer can have rice that is whole grains.

Because the whole grains are from the “Laon” palm, the “laon”, Ruby, are the grains that have been stored for a long time. It is unclear now on the part of the farmers who are hiding the harvest of rice because they are in debt, not to the Indians or 5-6 (debting of 5000 total return is 6000) but to their wealthy countrymen who they borrow just for to farm.

  That is why the farmers have not yet harvested the crop, it can be said that it is no longer theirs but the one who lent it to them.

Also here in our province, the song “planting is not a joke” sung by rice growers is still popular from time to time. When the farmers hear this, they are sad because for them, farming is not only a joke, but also very hard physically and emotionally.

     Let’s go back to your dream, again, good luck to your father -in -law and his luck is in the field of livelihood. Anyway, according to the dream will see the former to him but sure sure that he is provided by heaven with luck the equivalent is abundant life.

                  Until again,

                  Yod HVH

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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