Let's Reflect the DREAM meaning of Dark SEA and Small stream of water

HINT: your desire for your life to prosper, and emotion


Dear Yod HVH,

          I'll just ask what is the meaning of my dream? I was planning to go abroad but I dreamed of the sea where the water was so dark and I didn't go down. In my dream, there is also a small stream (Small stream of water or Creek)  with very clear water, what does it mean? I will wait for your answer. Thank you very much, Prof.


To you Joy ,

          You know, Joy, in the world of religion, there is an immortal teaching that is repeatedly preached to the people. This time, I would like you to try to understand so that you can discover the true meaning of your dream of sea where the water is so dark.

         The question to the Great Teacher, "What is the true way to salvation?"

         The Master replied, "There is a way that seems straight, spacious, unhindered and pleasant to walk, this is the way to destruction!" There is another way, dark, narrow, frightening, discouraging, difficult to walk, this is the true way of salvation. ”

It's a bit uplifting when we say He is a liar. You, can you oppose the Great Teacher? Certainly, you can't! Why? Because you really know that He is right and tells the truth.

        For now, forget about the teachings of religion, so what we are going to do now is the real path to success so that we can determine the meaning of your dream.

Man is said to succeed when he achieves or reaches his dream. The call failed to achieve the dream. In the history of civilization, the effort to reach the dream has been described as crossing the sea.

        In this perspective, it will be reflected that your dream about the sea is your desire for your life to prosper. because you want to grow, you can't help but ask yourself what is the "path to success" that you should follow?

The answer is shown in your dream, and it is the true path of every success to improve life. This is the very dark sea ”that those who want to succeed must cross. This is also, daughter, what the Great Teacher refers to as “righteous dark and frightening that few like.

       Now that you know the meaning of your dream about the super dark sea, what will you do next? Trust yourself! ‘Don’t hesitate! Be brave and you must be brave!

          Because the Great Teacher had another dream that people should have lived through His a story of a man who wanted to walk on the sea but fell into the water when he doubted.

If we take a closer look at this legendary story, maybe where else will we end up so we will just answer simple questions quickly.

        Do the brave succeed? Of course! The brave, do they win? Of course, Yes, and their wins are huge! The skeptical, what about? They are the ones who refuse so they do not reach the end of their dreams. Is self -confidence really necessary? No need to ask that! As young people today say, "Just trust me!" This, daughter, is the innovative key to success, hopefully you have them.

The Small stream of water or Creek in dreams is symbolized by emotion, because the water in the stream is fresh and clean and clear, the dreamer like this also dreams that they will have a boyfriend with pure and pure love.

                    Until again,

                    Yod HVH

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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