The Symbolic meaning of Measuring SHOES in Dream interpretation

Let's Reflect the Dream (reflection of life ) about measuring the Shoes

Dear Yod HVH

 Good afternon please! I'm just asking, what does it mean when I measure the shoes that are being distributed?


To you Roralyn.

It is not easy to succeed in life because what is needed is before entering any field one must carry a weapon of destiny which others call "The Key Of Successful life."

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 The dream taught you a secret that if you understand and put it into practice, you will surely get rich quick. What is that?

     "Size up!" this is your key to success when before you get into whatever you want to do in life, measure your ability first, measure the people who can help you and also measure any opportunity that lies in front of you.

         Suppose, do not be like others who rush and they think that being brave is enough to advance, That is not right and many of those who thought that only courage were needed were included in the rising people who failed, went bankrupt and ruined the lives of those who did so.

           After you've done the "size up" and you see it's okay, next advice is  "grab it!"

                   Until again,

                   Yod HVH


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