Let's Reflect the dream (reflection of life) about Pregnant PIG, Reaping of RICE

Dear Yod HVH,

   What does it mean that I dreamed that I had a pregnant pig, then, we passed by a lot of people who were harvesting rice. Then, there was a pig man who fought the pregnant pig, then, he drowned are we in the mud? Thank you very much.



To you Rebecca,

      In Filipino culture, pork is a symbol of prosperity. So get ready because the abundant life is coming to you.

  This confirms the pregnant pig in the DREAM that the pregnant in the dream means that the time has come when the destiny of man will be born.

The pig man who fought the pregnant woman is just like the universal truth which always prevents the arrival of the hero. An example is the famous movie The Terminator which has an Iron Man whose goal is to hinder the coming of the Savior to mankind.

So the pig man is Terminator, he will kill Sarah Conor that she will be the mother of the Savior so in the movie Sarah is like a dream of a pregnant woman.

    Such are the beauty of the dreams that describe what will happen in the life of the dreamer.

  There is another beautiful dream and it is the reaper of rice which is also a symbol of abundant life. That is why the scenario of harvesting rice is very popular among art students because many people today buy the picture of harvesting rice that they meditate on at home because it is a symbol of abundant fortune.

What you are drowning in the mud reminds you that man is from the earth, as in, from the mud, God has chosen to be a beautiful creature whose message for you is to stay tuned below, as in, do not boast or do not exalt when your life has become prosperous.

                     Until again,

                     Yod HVH

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