DREAM about being BEWITCH

HINT: Someone is Very Jealous to you


Dear Yod HVH,

I just ask, I was able to save myself from being  bewitched. then, I was supposed to fight my illness, then, my dream was broken.


Saiyo Sanya,

        When a person is very jealous, there is a chance that he, like you, will dream that he is being bewitched or bewitched. So it’s very clear that you, Sanya, have a lot of envy.

   This is how human life is, so she is envious is because she has qualities that are enviable, like she is a lady more than just a beauty. Sometimes it seems like the ugly is even better because no one is jealous. But why would you want to be ugly?

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So even if many envy you, rejoice because you are sure to be more beautiful to them.

When a person sees his fellow Very Happy, he is also jealous of him, so sometimes, you seem to think, it is much better to be lonely.

  But of course, ‘don’t, it’s okay to have more opponents than to live in loneliness.

When a person advances in life, his neighbor prays that he has suffered because many have the "Crab Mentality" who are jealous of others. So even if someone wants you to be poor, that's okay because it just confirms that your life has a lift with them.

   It’s just that it’s inevitable that there’s a chance that envious persons will affect us as if our aura is weakening as if they are stronger than us like in your dream.

You know, Sanya, that witchcraft and stuff, a mystery of the world but the one who feels that he has been bewitched or enchanted is the simple solution. Do it, Sanya, so that the next time you dream of wonderful events in your life you can dream.

    You will eat fruits, grapes, apples, pears and bananas. Also don't forget to eat chocolates especially those that are imporated and another better thing is to get bored with ice cream.

   Funny and unbelievable but very sure that when you follow said advice, again, you will never dream of horror in your life your will live happily ever after.

                 Until again,

               Yod HVH

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