Love is more than love, the meaning of the red butterfly in the dream

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Dear Yod HVH,

   What is the meaning of my dream about a red butterfly, in the bathroom, then, I was scared, I said I didn't want to go out of the bathroom because the red butterfly might be disturbed. Thank you God bless


To you Cip,

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      Love is more than love, the meaning of the red butterfly in the dream. This is the message of your dream red butterfly inside the bathroom.

They say, love and pleasure are different., Because love is not lust and lust, they say is not love at all.

   But in the dream, the happiness that comes from desire will be yours and the happiness in love is still yours.

  In the meantime, it is time to experience complete happiness. There is happiness in lovelife even lacking in sexlife. More so far is the happy in the latter but zero in the first.

In the modern world we live in, true love seems to have disappeared because when you are happy with desire, it's okay. Because, the super fast pace of modern times no longer fits the definition of true love.

   But, let's ask, "What is love, anyway?" Of course, many will answer and sure enough that everyone still knows the said question. Maybe it would be better if The Bible would answer.

It is written, “Love is patience”, Today as it was said that modern times are so fast that being “Patiently waiting” will be left behind by time so that people almost no longer have the attitude to wait.

  He added, "Love is Kind" but for now everyone is just kind. Love does not envy, but what we see is envy, but everyone right now, at first glance, is envy and envy. Love does nor boast, oh! Everyone will see the boast Love does not dishonor others, but everything is ruined. Love is nor seeking, nothing like this right now because everyone will seek especially in the name of love. Love is not easily angered, you can see the quick get angry when the relationship makes a mistake. Love keeps no record of wrong, this is what never happens.

   The above are the real keys to having pure love happiness.

    But honestly, even though not everything that has been said about love above, we can do, there are still some of them that some lovers have, but "hopefully all".

   Again in the dream the true happiness from love is yours and the fullest happiness from desire is still yours.

Until again,

Yod H V H.

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