Mirror mirror hanging on the Wall in DREAM meaning

 Let’s Reflect the dream (reflection of life ) about mirror

Dear Yod HVH,

    I just want to, eh, ask. My cousin dreamed that his aunt gave him a mirror and he said he was very happy when he gave it to him and he saw himself in the mirror. What does it mean?


To you Raven,

       The eye sees everything but the eye cannot see his own eyes. So the mirror was invented.

     This is the mirror that we use now on the wall or framed in the living room and sometimes in our own room and there is also a mirror in the rest room and we also have a small mirror to carry everywhere we go.

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It is obvious that it is very important that we have a mirror. It's as if we can't live without a mirror. Suppose, there are times when we don't have money, we don't have breakfast, but what we can't do is that we don't look in the mirror and what amazes us even more is how often we look in the mirror.

But the first mirror in the world was not invented by man. It is the clear well of water from which man can see himself. This mirror is not deceptive, unlike the mirror today which is deceptive that the images of the mirror are better or more beautiful than she really is.

        According to history, there was a man who reflected in the Well which was so clear of water, he saw himself so beautiful that he fell in love with himself. The name of the mirror who fell in love with herself is Narcisa so the word "Narcissistic personality" comes directly from Narcisa's name. It is self -love and unwillingness to love others.

That is why Always looking in the mirror is so dangerous because there is a really big chance that a person who looks in the mirror more than 10 times a day can fall in love with himself.

      So he may not fall in love with others because he already has love and it is himself.

        So you can tell your cousin that his dream warns that he will fall in love with the beautiful self that should not happen to a girl or boy. Eventually he will be lonely and lonely.

That she is able to go through this tragedy is because she is actually a woman and the woman has to experience what is called womanhood which is when she has to experience the love of a man and she can embrace, love and have children and become a mother. This is the totality of womanhood that girls who are afraid of falling in love with others but in love with herself will not experience.

      Again, tell this cousin that this is the meaning of her dreams so that she will wake up to the fact that she is a girl who needs to have a boyfriend and have a husband and have children.

                                Until again,

                               Yod HVH.

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