Necklaces are one of the lucky things to dream

Let's Reflect the dream (reflection of life) about wearing necklaces

 Dear Yod HVH,

  What does it mean in my dream that I picked up a gold pendant / bill. It's only been a night since I've been dreaming until now, the question of what it means keeps coming back to my mind. I hope you can answer .Sir. Thank you.

Ma Leoniza.

To you Ma. Leoniza,

      Necklaces are one of the lucky things to dream. It symbolizes the beauty of a person, whether female or male.

        Strange vitality is felt when the person has a necklace. That the energy she feels is because her beauty can be said to be in full force, that is, her. Her beauty is to the max.

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 Because of this, in these days you have been dreaming and it will take many more days, you feel that you fell that you are what beautiful.

But why else is there need to dream it of a woman like you?

        Actually, sad. Yes, there is sadness in your eyes, there is sadness in your actions and even in words, your hidden sadness will be noticed.

   Because the dream is given by the Great Creator to each person to serve as his defense mechanism in his lives. That this defense — naturally — will work automatically when the person experiences a bad event that could ruin his or her approach to life.

So the dream is a repair mechanism that helps the person to come back or fix the bad things in him.

      Because as it has been said that you are sad and you have no energy, dream that the dream will give you energy. And one of the ways to restore a person's vitality is to make him feel that he is beautiful.

       But you know, Ma Leoniza, it's not just a simple feeling, because it's very true that when you look in the mirror after that you are dreamy, you will also admit, that you, Ma Leoniza, are still naturally beautiful.

         Maybe say, I'm just Joking or just making you happy. So as a fun but also a serious thing, why don’t you try to walk and go in your mirror and of course , you will mirror your self.

Do it and you will know that the dream that is wearing a necklace says, Ma Leoniza, why did you forget that you are beautiful.

          So the Quik advises, love your beauty and don't let your beauty disappear just because of wrinkles.

     Another one don’t forget, the apple will bear the apple, the grape is of course, the grape is also the fruit.

    So the happy news linked to the dream says that the beautiful will also yield good fortune. That Is The Beauty Of Being Beautiful.

                          Until again,

                        Yod HVH


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