Symbolic meaning of Crying and Always running in dream interpretation

Let's reflect the dream (reflection of life ) about Always Running and crying and the Clock

Dear Professor

      I just ask, what's the end of crying in the dream? And I always running? And the clock, thank you.


To you  Ervar,     

   The meaning of crying in the dream doesn't want to cry in what really happens in reality.

        Because you have to cry and you don't want to cry in a dream you are crying. Why? Because when it really needs to cry in a crying.  What was certain would happen was that those who did not cry in real life would be sick and did not even cry in her dream.

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So, cry if you dream.

   The constant running dream is usually a escape and the other common is that he escapes the ghost of his past. At other times he's fleeing what he's got in real life, and that's what he should have been doing but he didn't want to do.

   Sometimes the dream of running is experienced by someone who is always late or late or unable to keep up with time or day.

   The clock in the dream says that the time has come for the patient to act that his action is for the betterment of his life.

                   Until again,

                   Yod HVH


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