Symbolic meaning on Tooth Gradually Loosened in Dream interpretation

Let’s Reflect the dream (reflection of life ) about gradually loosened Tooth

Dear Yod HVH,

I have a question about my daughter's dream, a girl.

That tooth of his gradually loosened and gradually fell out but there was hardly one left at the far left.

When he woke up, he immediately bit the pillow and the wood. What does it mean, because I'm worried? Thank you.


To You Edna,

You know, Edna, the tooth is the hardest part of the human body. And the jaw is the strongest part of a person. Interestingly, ‘ the jaw that is the strongest the one that holds the hardest?

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That is why people who are called "jaws" or big jaws are the strongest people in the world, while people with big teeth are the hard ones. And it is believed that those with big teeth have a long life and those with small teeth have, know first, short life. It’s interesting,  because it can be seen that human creation is orderly or well -organized.

 what about messy teeth? Can you guess? Eh, what else, but life is also chaotic.

they have many funny things about teeth another funny thing is that when you dream that a tooth has fallen out, it is said, someone will die. And to prevent someone from dying the dreamer must bite the first one or bite the tooth into the wood.

This kind of thing doesn't seem funny, but it's so frightening that death of everything that happens in the world is the most frightening, because everyone is afraid of death.

And your dream of losing a tooth warns that the dreamer is weakening, as in, she /he will be weak.

maybe his body will weaken but he can also be among people with weak personalities who cannot force his will or desires, so he will be seen to be submissive to those who enslave him.

Until again,



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