The ANIMUS and ANIMAS in the Dream Interpretation

A to Z of Dream With CASE STUDY: Let’s Reflect the Dream (reflection of life) about  CAT

Dear Yod HVH,

         I'm just asking what is the meaning of the dream about a cat with yellow and white colors. He's not a big cat and he's still a bit of a kitten. In my dream, a man would pay, he said, just a cat to pay?


To You She,

       In women's dreams, often the "man" is his "animus." The animus is the part of the woman whose character is a man.

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   For men, the woman in their dream is often described as their "anima." Suppose, there are always two single people. This fact is very much in the field of psychology.

      What about a "cat?" The cat in the dream describes the character of a person who is boisterous, very tender but moody. Because of this, it will now find what you need, She. What's that? Eh, what else? Harot, Extreme tenderness and your moody. But why are these the ones you need?

       Because you will be seen to be lacking in flirtation. May be, you are too serious! It can be seen that you lack tenderness, May be, it is right that you are too serious. You can see that you are controlling your mood. Maybe, you think it won't be good for you.

       Such a situation is experienced by man when he is more often silent, mum and deep think.

    Can I ask a question? Sometimes it’s fun to answer requests about the meaning of dreams but there’s also an exciting opportunity that I hope I can also ask questions. Here is my question! Do you think it is hard to live in the world? Are you worried about your future? So you can't help but think deeply?

     But I will also answer what is the secret for you to make your life better.

     Fun to whip. Harot invigorates and also enlivens a similar aura. The so -called "aura" is the Invisible Ray of a person and of all living creatures. And when the aura is weak, the person faints.

      Without tenderness life is neither fun nor delicious. Tenderness, on the other hand, revives the libido and when the libido is weak, the person is also weak and can get sick or diseased.

It's a bit hard to believe and the eyebrows of those who can read or hear can be raised, but this is exactly what the elderly experience because of old age, their libido has weakened or lost, so that's what diseases are coming out.

       Eh, the moody, what's the benefit? Here in the world the best to love are the moody ones. It's even harder to believe but this is exactly what happens in the lives of men who are said to be "under of his wife" who see their wives as moody.

        Most of all, don't forget to unlease your animus. Show off your courage, strength of will and it's like you have nothing to fear? Why? Because. “Success is simply bravery and courage so, she, afraid not, be bold and daring, man needs success and he should not fail in life.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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