The Different meaning of SNAKE in DREAM, Including Bible Interpretation

Let’s Reflect the Dream (reflection of Life ) about Different meaning of SNAKE

Dear Yod HVH,

         Sir, I just ask the meaning of the snake in the dream?


Saiyo Carmelos,

           The snake has many meanings in dreams.

           The first is that the serpent is The Devil himself. But before judging that the Serpent is The Devil must be in the dream, the serpent can be seen as a large serpent really, and the form is close to the form of the dragon, that is, large scales, thick skin, large eyes and large insignificant body rather than tail.

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 It is also common for the snake The Devil to be larger than the other objects in the dream. He also often is in the trunk of a large plant. Sometimes he also sees in a dream next to a delicious fruit, sometimes, also next to delicious food and sometimes there he is next to glittering treasures and sometimes he is also next to a beautiful woman, of delicious wine and once adjacent to the king's crown and a magnificent palace. Often The Devil speaks in a dream.

Another meaning of the serpent in dreams is a treacherous friend. Described in dreams being bitten or bitten in the back. Because our friends who are actually snakes are also traitors and the traitor is those close to us who are usually our friends that we are being betrayed. So when the dream snake bites but he is not in the background, he is not the snake that is for treacherous friends.

There is another serpent who is like a friend, because he is close to us because he is also the one we love whom we always show kindness to. But he is not really our friend because he is a bit inferior to us. He is the person who simply "we feed with our hands and then, we will be touched."

        When snakes are too small to look like worms or small crawling creatures, these snakes symbolize the threat of carnage that people with cancer or people with cancer often dream of or whose disease is caused by a mysterious germ or organism.

Not all snakes have a bad meaning, because there is also a snake that symbolizes Salvation and this is the snake in dreams that is white, sometimes the color is uncertain but he is the snake that is the kind snake in dreams.

         When a sick person dreams that that sick person will surely be cured. When he dreams of a bad person or commits a sin, in the next few days, he will confess his sin, repent and be very kind to others. And he too will experience repentance in his loved ones whom he has wronged

So salvation his meaning is because it is the serpent that the great Prophet Moses placed on top of a pole he erected in a plaza that if all of him looked up and stared he would surely surely be cured of incurable diseases. .

       Finally, experts in the history of the relationship between Man and God have clarified that the serpent of Moses is the Christ or Jesus Christ.

     In the dream, there are also snakes that have no meaning as if, he is just a snake, as in, really just a snake. Just like when there is actually a snake in the house, or in the yard or on the roof of the house or under the bed, or in the kitchen or the person is actually taking care of the snakes, the snakes to him or to their dreams are just snakes, as in, really snakes.

                       Until again,

                     Yod HVH

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