The Dream that announcing you're going to get married

Let's reflect The dream about  top of the building

Dear Yod HVH,

   Good morning, Sir , I dreamed I was going up to the top of the building and I fell for 20 and a 50, but I went down to get the money but someone had picked up.

    I was looking for a woman who had picked up my money, when I got to the sea, and I saw that there was a fish and a catch from my friend, but I was the one who caught it. It's a different clasi, blue and boneless, I've never seen the fish before, it's a bright fish. Thank you!


To you Nhoverjhayson,

      If you're single your dream announces you're going to get married.

      As a result, you should prepare for your new life ahead. You act that you're matured, think you're going to have new resposibility and soon you'll have a family.

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   But, you know, most of all, when you get married, you have to save, you have savings because marriage is not a joke that women think their husband's money will always go to them.

    It used to be that the wife's money or income was all spent on your wife. But now you've changed the course of the world with a policy that couples have earned their own. as in, the money he holds and his income is still in your wife.

   This trend is happening but it doesn't necessarily mean there's no love between the couple, they love each other so it's just a matter of money.

   What if you happen to be married or have a relationship that you feel like a couple too?

  Your dream is to say go abroad! Because of the luck you'll have that these lucky ones won't be yours if you're just staying here with us in Philippines.

     So, foreign, don't worry ! When an opportunity comes in front of you that is also one of the messages of your dream, grab it right away.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 

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