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The five coin and 1 coin you find in DREAM is the chance that you will advance in life

Let's Reflect the Dream (reflection of life ) about 5 Coin and 1 Coin

Dear Yod HVH,

        Hello! How are you! I just wanted to know ‘about the dream I had just now I found five pesos, then, pesos‘ and I did it I threw ‘the peso’ in the plants with a lot of grass.

I ordered someone to let me know that I knew him, he saw the peso and gave it to me again. and then, all of a sudden, the crops became beautiful and looked good.

    I was wondering when I woke up, I couldn't remember who the man was who returned the peso I threw in the mess. I hope you can answer my questions. God Bless  and more power!


To you Jhoy,

          To your question who is the man who returned the Peso coin you threw in the chaotic plant, the answer is the man who loves you and cares about your life. So you don't know him or you forget who he is because you really don't know him yet.

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 But why, according to you you know, but you do not remember. The answer is once when you dreamed of him and saw him in your dream so according to yourself, you know him, Because once when you met him in your dreams. But because it's just a dream and not in real life your recollection of him will really be superficial or you won't really remember him right away.

The five peso coin and peso coin you find is the chance that you will advance in life. The five pesos so you chose because what you want is your fast progress. And the peso you throw away means the same thing, you don't want to slow down your progress.

         That's why your dream says, in human life, there is no quick way because what is more correct is the gradual development and enrichment and adjustment of life. There are many who fail, many more are added to those who fail and those who repent, those who thought they could get rich quick so the only thing that happened to speed up was their suffering.

Similarly, it is difficult to convince a person that only one step at a time should be taken to ensure a secure future. It’s hard to insist on people that luck is tormented and doesn’t just come casually. It’s hard to insist on man that what is really needed is what is called Hardwork.

         Due to the number of scammers and abusers of human weakness, various networking rackets are in vogue and therefore trendy is because human beings are naturally vulnerable to quick and effortless rockets. enrichment.

You will be among them, because you will not take their views lightly. but you are naturally lucky, because despite your mistakes a man will come into your life who will adjust your views on life and he will also teach you the right system on how to ascend to true ascension.

         He who does not believe that man should earn big money quickly, he who believes that man will prosper even if he has a small investment, he who believes that any hardship and any mess of life will also be fixed. with perseverance and effort.

He, Jhoy, is the man in your dream that you once dreamed of so again according to you you know him so you just can't remember who he really is.

                         Until again,

                         Yod HVH



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