The Meaning of dream about Shinning crown of Mama Mary's statue

Let's reflect the dream about Mama Mary's statue

Dear Yod H V H,

I had a dream of Mama Mary's statue suddenly shining on the crown and I lined up because I wanted to go to the statue. When I sat next to him, I hugged him tightly and called his name and I was crying. After that, I woke up. What does this dream mean?



To you, Fely,

Most of the time, the man promises but doesn't make his promise. Even if it is not fulfilled, it promises again, so people, in fact, live on promises.

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Having been trained in commitment, the obligations of others are no longer being made. Well, if a promise to self is not made, how else will the promise be kept to others?

So in this New Year, I hope we can fulfill, not only our New Year's resolution or our promises to ourselves but also to force ourselves to fulfill our commitment to our neighbors, especially our loved ones.

In the meantime, it's even worse, some of which promise God, and then it won't be fulfilled. We promised to go to Our Lady of Mercy, go to Baclaran, go to Church in Quiapo, but couldn't. And so your dream says, Mama Mary is waiting for you to make your commitments. At least once, your promise is to do so.

When a man makes his promise at least once and even if it has nothing to do with his religion, his life will change dramatically. Because once the one-time commitment is said "She or he breaks the ice."

And life coaches say he's going to break a lot of ice, so he's going to be different and he's got a bigger chance that his big dream will come true and it's the dream of being rich.

You know, Mama Mary doesn't hate you, she has a long way to go because Mama Mary loves people, so Mama Mary doesn't want people to live in a lack of progress and commitment.

So, go to church and keep what you told yourself that you would offer a prayer rosary to Mama Mary. All of a sudden, it's a religious activity, but if you believe it or not, the more important thing is that you can keep your promises to yourself.

In reality, one of the earliest keys to success and enrichment is the ability of man to fulfill what is said. That's where he will be admired by his fellows and himself will be impressed and the good news says heaven is wonderful to the man who does what he says, especially Mama Mary.

Until again,

Yod H V H.


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