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Dear Yod HVH,

         I just ask the meaning of my dream last night,

        1. He said that I had a bad spirit that tried to stop me and he suddenly hugged me so I could not move, but I tried to struggle and my prayers of the Believer were pure.

        2. I passed by someone full of guava while walking and I picked up three pieces and I gave one to our male neighbor, I also passed by big houses and their yards were spacious.

       3. He said I met my grandmother (she has been dead for a long time) and she said there was a boss who wanted to hire me because they said they would ask me to do something and they would give me 1,500 so I was happy.

         I look forward to your answer ..


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To you Mabel,

         1. That's right, mabel, the Believer's prayer is the prayer that a person should use when there is an evil spirit that he wants to join or encircle or cover. There are other prayers that the Mother Church teaches but they have her - she can use them. Not all prayers produce good results because they are used incorrectly.

 But it is not only in praying that a person makes a mistake, sometimes he also has a wrong point of view when someone hugs him he does not know or is stronger or more powerful than him, he will immediately think that it is an evil spirit especially if something like this happens. in his dream.

Because the evil spirit you say in your dream that embraced you is a real person. He is a man who likes you, it's just that you don't know him very well but you will definitely feel that he is really looking at you.

          The word “look” when lovelife is in question is associated with glances of love. And the glance of love, daughter, when effectively penetrates the whole being of the glimpse or shot by a quick stare. With the penetration of the glance or gaze of love, it will spread throughout the body so that the one being stared at or glanced at will be embraced by the powerful forces of love.

At first, the Physical Body did not know it but the embrace was felt by the Invisible Body of man. So the first to fall in love is the Invisible Body. And since it is assumed that it is a kind of fusion or membership of an evil spirit, the person will bring a Believer. And because the Believer's prayer is really so powerful, he will be defeated if he thinks the spirit that has entered him. Supposedly, he seemed to have won against the evil spirit.

But because he doesn't really have an evil spirit but a force of powerful love, one day he will dream like that again. In short, when a person repeatedly dreams that he has embraced the "spirit", that is, it is not really a spirit but another powerful force and it is the strong power of the person in love.

2. The “guava tree” is a kind of dream called a phallic symbol that is not dreamed of by children or very young children because this dream is only for matured girls who can get married or can enter the a deep relationship.

          This truth that is also reflected in the back of your dream is in "you picked it up and gave it to a man." In other words, you also secretly like a man who is your "neighbor" and your love if by chance according to your dream will result in a prosperous and prosperous life because this is what the 'big house and spacious yards' announce. . ”

3. This dream of yours warns of a bad relationship that you can have because someone else will look at you who actually can't have a relationship with anyone anymore.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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