The symbolic meaning of Being in a room full of GOLDS in dream interpretation

Let’s Reflect the dream (reflection of life ) about room full of golds

Dear Yod HVH.

   About my dream of being in a room full of golds, does that mean anything? I entered a room that was dark. Soon it became bright because of the shine of the jewelry, coins, bars and everything made of gold .. Is it a bad vision? 

                                    Chaka Doll.

To you Chaka Doll,

   Wow! your dream is beautiful Is your message also beautiful?

   Everyone loves gold. That symbolizes wealth. So the dream says your dream is to get rich.

     Will this come true?

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     Maybe because according to the dream, there will be many opportunities that can make you rich.

 Here are some life stories you need to learn.

There is something called the "Chicken That Lays the Golden Egg." So the owner of the chicken became rich just because the man was greedy for gold, he forgot to take care of his chicken because he was interested in nothing but golden eggs. So in the end, his chicken died because he was only focused on the golden eggs.

        There is a tree that bears golden fruits. The discoverer was announced to his fellow villagers so the people pushed the tree the fruit was gold, so the tree was one of the dead trees.

Someone saw a cave full of gold. He takes gold, he puts it in a big sack, because man is defeated by greed for wealth. He could not carry the large sack of gold and when he tried to lift it even if he could not, he ran away and died in the mission inside the cave.

        Man needs material things, because, it is written in the Holy Scriptures that “man does not live by bread alone.” That if we accept its meaning we really need bread or material things.

     But we need something more than bread and that is "but every word that proceed out of the word of the Lord." Meaning. We need the bread but we also need to live the teachings of God.

   So, Chaka Doll, again, you will be given the opportunity to get rich, but don’t be greedy, don’t just concentrate on getting money or wealth from the people who will put your destiny in front of you.

                       Until again,

                       Yod HVH


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