The Symbolic meaning of the chicken egg's is being hatch in dream

Let's reflect Eddie's dream of

Dear Yod H V H,

     I just asked what my dream meant. He said the chicken egg's is being hatch,  I'm surprised and the eggs are hanging out so much that they're sticking together.

    He said my grandson did it with no hens. He said: "I don't think it's a good time. He said he's not going to be able to do that. He said I was glad the chicks were big with a few feathers and white.  Thank you. 

                             Eddie Vales.

To you , Eddie Vales.

    There are a lot of Source of good fortunes in life.

    The first is because of the hard work. These are the people who have worked hard until their dreams are fulfilled and when everyone sees that he is thriving, those who know him say so. "This man is lucky in life."

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  Some people burned their hair just after school and the progress was made because of the finished field, people told him, "He's lucky."

   The same is true of the savings that barely eat and save, he was told." He's very lucky."

  The parent also borrowed a loan just to get his dry and rich, neighbours said, he was lucky.

      But are they really lucky?  Or could they have been enriched by the hardships, sweat, blood and tax-saving efforts? Convent, his life didn't just get better so quickly that it wasn't immediately possible to say he was a lucky man.

    EEh, then, who is really lucky? Eh, who else, but who experienced "Other people and others eat." It's interesting, isn't it, here with those who have worked so hard but they've worked so hard.

      And your dream announces that you are one of the grains that other people have worked so hard to make rice. So you're also one of your dream that will be given good fortune because of your neighbor's suffering.

   So, you. Eddie, the real lucky one!


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