The Symbolic meaning of Dirty feet and market in DREAM interpretation

Let's reflect the dream (reflection of life) about Dirty Feet and the Market

Dear Yod HVH,

     What does it mean to have my feet dirty so I washed it, I'm going to go into the house from the market.


To you Joseph,

       The house should always be clean. The man's body is his home. Because of the body the soul is living.  In addition to the fact that the body was lord's temple.  So the body should always be clean.

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  Saying that the body should be clean refers to the person who should not be infected with evil.

  The Market in Dream describes the real world . Because of this in the world the market of ideas is sold.

    So your dream reminds you that  that what you hear seems like good ideas do not take lightly.

       Outside the house, you can pick up a lot of things, but they're not good for who you are.

  That said, the world should be avoided. So the dream also says it won't be good for you.

     The world of things is the causality, lasciviousness, or immoral activity and over-the-topness of materials, envy and other things that can destroy the personality.

      You don't put them into your body because again the human body is lord's temple.

               Until again,

               Yod HVH


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