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Dear Yod HVH,

    I eat  like a white bubble gum in a dream but he's delicious as if it were a show. Then, he's in the magazine with a matured man, and then I'm going to find him.  He gave me a full name but I just remember Guevara is the last name. What would I dream of? I went to bed at 2.30pm and woke up at 4pm today.


To you Iri,

       Eating bubble gum, the mouth cleans up and the digestive system in the stomach works automatically so not only the mouth is cleaned but the rest of the stomach.

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     Eating bubble gum also works that the brain's flesh becomes positive. Sometimes it's hard to believe the truth, as a fun but also a serious thing, you try to get bubble gum when you're  sad or beaten by negative thoughts.  You'll see your enthusiasm back.

    Dreaming the Bubble Gum  is believed to discover new and unique formulas for how life can be more advanced or better.

   The man in the magazine, of course, is famous, because the magazine is just so popular. As a result, dreaming there's a famous man who will be a part of your life.

  Who is he in your life and how can you find him? He's the source of courage and courage because the very surname Guevarra is a brave and brave one.

   You're going to be in the season, you're weak, powerless, you're going to be in the challenges of fate. And because of that situation, you look for what will encourage you. So the dream says you're going to find him and he's going to see you because who will give you courage and courage, nothing else, but the man you dream of.

     Here's my special help to you on how you can find him or meet him. In 

Chaldean Numerology ang  numerical value of Guevara ay  6. At sa Pythagorean Numerology

ang numerical value of Guevara ay  3.

Until again, 
Yod H V H. 

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