The Symbolic meaning of POOP in DREAM interpretation

Let's reflect the  dream (reflection of Life ) I used to poop on the toilet even though I was in front of a lot of people

Dear Yod HVH,

   What does my dream mean? I used to poop on the toilet even though I was in front of a lot of people in the last few months, and then, a few days later I had a dream of that again.


To you Kris,

   Often dreams teach a Formula of success. And so, frankly, there's no need for today's trends as life coaches and people don't get anything from the academy of seminars.

  • To those who want to interpret a dream or to define your dream. you can chat me.

  They cost so much that if tested there was nothing that changed people's lives. That's all it takes to see that the experience has increased but it's only because life hasn't changed.

    It's better for people to study his dreams because his own dream gives him advice that if he follows the same result, his life will improve.

   Like a dream, it's a formula of enrichment that you may not have heard from advisers.

   "Get out!" Yes, for a long time, in human life, he has to cut down and his deduction is what he doesn't need.

     When it cuts, there will be a spike and when there is a spike in the number of lucky ones who want to touch someone.

    What can you reduce in your life?

     1) Clothes even though they are so beautiful need to be given away first.

      2) Your own money, give it to the most in needy.  Of course, not all your money, it just means you don't get too scratchy and prudent.

      3) You also cut down on what you eat. that is to say, if you're able to eat two dishes, it's just one.

       4) You also cut down on the body.

    5) You also cut costs that you spend on unspecified items.

     6) Take away from your life the people who are useless to you.

      7) And most importantly you reduce your negative qualities as well.

    As such, you'll be like the trees that the leaves have become more fertile and more fertile.

                             Until again,

                             Yod HVH

Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you. 


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